Friday, December 17, 2010


As of today I am all done with my first semester. I must say that it has gone by fairly quickly. Kind of scary how fast we are getting old... I had my final math exam today. I was pretty nervous. Got all 40 questions answered however I am afraid that I made few little mistakes that will lower my grade. I guess we will see. I should find out in two weeks. That is going to be a long wait.
Yesterday we got some snow here in Indianapolis. The winter has not started yet and we already have had around 10 inches of snow for the month of December. I like when the fluffy white stuff covers the ground and I don't have to go anywhere :) but it is a different story when I have to drive across Indianapolis to work and roads are crazy. Since I have been home all week I took some time to photograph our house and neighborhood covered in snow.

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