Saturday, October 1, 2011

New addition to our family

It has been a month since we added new member to our crazy family. On September 3rd my husband, his brother and I were on a way to their parents for lunch. While driving by our local pet store we noticed adoption tents. I asked to stop by just to look at the dogs. My husband noticed a little Yorkie that looked almost like Colette. He said that we should adopt him...... wow! we already have 3 dogs, I don't think we have time for one more. My husband insisted that we hold him and get to know him a little. I did not really want to do it because I exactly know what happens when you hold a dog..... Well I asked to walk him and lady informed me that Jokey ( that was his name - before we renamed him ) doesn't really know how to walk on a leash. She suggested that we take him inside the pet store to get to know him. As soon as I took this little creature in my arms I was sold. Especially after I read his story. Jokey has been rescued from puppy mill and does not really know how to be a dog. He did not know how to walk on a leash, he was scared of every single sound, pretty much of everything. Welcome Home Remy!!! 

We decided to rename him since we did not really like the name Jokey. It just did not fit him. Since Colette's name came from movie Ratatouille that is where I looked for an inspiration for a boy's name. Remy was our choice. Perfect!! 
Since the day we adopt Remy he has made an incredible progress. He walks on a leash now ( that is the only way he will go to the bathroom :), he plays with his toys, he barks... oh and he knows how to jump on a couch and our bed. We are so happy to see his transformation and I am so glad we adopted him.  

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