Friday, September 2, 2011

New Nail Polish

I have been addicted to nail polish for about a year now. My coworker introduced me to OPI which became my favorite polish. I love everything about it: consistency, brush size, colors and durability. Never before was I able to wear nail polish for a week without chips. OPI gives you all those qualities in one cute bottle. LOVE it!!
Lately though I have been reading more and more blogs about Essie nail polish. Most of the reviews I have read puts Essie on the same level of quality as OPI. So since I am a nail polish addict I had to try this brand. On a way home from work today I stopped at my local beauty store and picked up Essie Demure Vixen. Well, I think I like it....the consistency is a little thinner than OPI also the brush is smaller. I am not a fan of the smaller brush because I feel like I need more strokes to put an even coat but maybe with some practice I can get use to it. Color that I chose is very pretty. More settle than what I am used to. Soft and delicate...good color for work. Now I just need to wear it for about a week to check Essie's durability. So far I am happy with it and most likely will buy more of it. :)

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