Sunday, March 3, 2013

Polish Addict

It is not a secret to people that know me that I LOVE nail polish. If I had enough time I would wear different nail polish every day. Well I don't have that much time but I change and buy new nail polish every other day :) My recent purchase was from Polish Addict 34. Laura makes her own nail polish and I must say all her colors and glitters are amazing. I own 6 different polishes from her but the one that I love the most is Spiced Cocoa!

Here is the swatch of it. I used two coats but honestly one coat would be enough. Not only is this color amazing but also the formula is perfect. Great coverage, gorgeous color with a little bit of shimmer! Currently this nail polish is on sale at her website - $4 for full size bottle. Check it out at you are not going to be disappointed.

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