Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shamrock Run 2013

On Saturday, March 16th I participated in my first 4 mile run Shamrock Run. I was a little scared to do it because that's a little longer distance than what I normally do. It was a cold Saturday morning in downtown Indy. We got there pretty early and had a coffee at Starbucks. There is nothing better than an extra bust of energy before the run than hot, freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee :)

Race was scheduled to start at 10 am. I really couldn't wait because it was really chilly ( I don't think Spring will ever come this year, it's crazy that on March 16 the temperature is 32 degrees....I want Spring!!!! ) and I wanted to start moving :)

Run finally started and I started off pretty fast. That probably was not a good idea because at mile 1 I got a cramp in my left side. Oh that was painful but I pulled it through and did not give up. I was able to regulate my breath and it got a little better. At mile 3 I had to slow down because I got a cramp on my right side. I guess my body was just not ready for this race. :( I was able to finish with a great pride because regardless of all the pain I made it to the finish line in 38 minutes and 24 seconds. That is way better than I expected.

I was so proud of myself and I am ready to participate in more races this year. I think I became addicted to running :) Next race this coming Saturday...5 mile trail run...Oh I cannot wait....

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