Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Spring Fling 15K

I am not doing very well updating my blog. I have been extremely busy with school and work for the last few months. ICore at the Kelley School of Business is the cause of sleepless nights...every minute of my day if filled to the fullest. Thankfully there is only one more month left and I can go back to my working out routine and running. The crazy thing of all is that last year I signed up for Mini Marathon and I am trying to find some time to train for it as well. Craziness!!
While searching internet for fun runs for this year I came across Spring Fling 15K in Plainfield, IN. It was a perfect way to use this run as a training for the mini. And of course it was my first 15K which is about 9.32 miles.  I was so nervous driving up to Aquatic Center in Plainfield. I did not know how I was going to do since I have not really been running that much this year....I blame weather for it. Spring where are you!!! Anyways...I got up early and showed up on time! I got my bib and was ready to go.

The route took us around Plainfield on nicely paved trail. Weather was perfect as well. Morning was a little chilly but as soon as the sun came out the air got warmer. I started off pretty fast, keeping my pace under 9 minutes a mile. About half way through I started feeling a little cramp in my legs but I pushed it through. During the second half my pace was a little worse but overall I was totally surprised how well I did, especially that I have not ran that much this year. My Garmin time showed my average as 9:13 per mile, which was amazing to me! It was a great race and I am ready for Spring to be back and looking forward to another running season :)

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