Friday, May 13, 2011

Long time no see :)

Wow! It has been about three months since I last wrote something here. Those were definitely crazy three months... finished spring semester with A+ in Finite Math and A- in Public Administration. I am so happy those classes are over. I was supposed to have a little break before my summer semester started however I changed my mind and signed up for summer one due to the fact that my Finite professor was doing summer one Survey to Calculus. Sounds really scary and I think it is going to be, that is why I wanted to continue with that professor, at least I know what to expect from him. 6 weeks of intense math course....
Last weekend I finally repainted my room. Ever since we bought our house about 6 years ago my room was pink and lavender ( people that owned the house before us had two girls and both bedrooms were painted in those colors ). As much as I like pink I could not stand those wall any longer so I came up with paining project for the weekend. I do not like paining at all but I really wanted to redesign my room so that I can use it for my scrap booking, homework or reading. Before it was just bleee....
So here is what this room looked like before I started painting:
Pretty pink, isn't it? Yep it also had pretty flowers on it. If I was five years old that would have been fine but not at 29 :)
After a long day of painting ( all by myself ), here is my new room:

The curtains were actually the inspiration to the wall colors. I LOVE my new room now. I want to sit here all day every day, reading my kindle or doing my homework ( yep I said homework :) Isn't that weird that I don't mind doing my homework as long as I am in my room. :)
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