Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free Tickets

Something awesome happened yesterday.... while I was getting ready in the morning I had the radio on in the kitchen. Stephen told me that they were going to be giving away NKOTBSB tickets to the concert next week. Unfortunately when the radio station played the contest I was in the car driving so I was not able to call. Also I wasn't too confident that even if I called I would be able to get through. We all know how it is when you try to call radio stations :) busy all the time. My plan was to get to work, get my iPod on and listen for a music scramble they played for the tickets. Around 9:40 am I heard the scramble, wrote down the songs and called the radio. To my surprise I got through on the first try. The person who answer my call asked for my name and put me on hold. Few minutes later I heard the morning guy and girl on the phone asking how I was doing and how I felt about going to the concert; all I needed to do was to give them all the songs played in the scramble. Of course fan like me knew all the songs and I AM GOING TO THE CONCERT NEXT WEEK!!!! I won the tickets!!! I was so excited... well still am. I cannot believe that I was able to get those tickets on the radio.

NKOTBSB here I come!!!!!

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